SH-S162L Bit Setting?

I just bought a Samsung SH-S162L and can’t figure out how to enable bit setting. I tried DVDinfo pro and Nero with no luck. I did do the registry mod to allow scanning and that works fine. Now I just need to get my book type set to DVD-ROM.

I read a review that mentions it is already set, but this is not the case with my drive with version TS06 firmware.

Bitsetting should work with the S162L in this way:

Insert a blank DVD+R (DL) -> open Nero CDSpeed -> Extra -> Bitsetting -> set Booktype to DVD-ROM.

I tried that and Nero says book type changed, but it still shows DVD+R even after a refresh.

DiscType will always stay DVD+R.
Check the BookType.

You only will see the Booktype change after burning a disc.

Bought the Samsung a few weeks ago. Updated to Firmware TS06. Works great with Nero
and Imgburn. Change the booktype in Nero or Imgburn, burn the disc, and use a tool like
dvdinfo to see booktype after burning. When using Nero, you can see it when Nero starts burning. In the now opened window, Nero will tell you if the booktype is changed or not.

Ok I am a little confused. With my Benq, NEC etc drives I Open Nero CDSpeed -> Extra -> Bitsetting -> set Booktype to DVD-ROM and the booktype will change to DVD-ROM on the Nero screen. When I do the same with the Samsung nothing changes on the booktype settings. Nero reports booktype successfully changed but it does not change on th Nero screen. If I close Nero and go back it still reports the booktype as DVD+R. Is the booktype being changed and Nero is just not reporting it? It sounds like what you are saying is I should change it then burn a DVD and it will be burned as DVD-ROM.

I did a burn after using Nero CD speed and doing the bitsetting thing and it worked on the first DVD. It didn’t work on the second one. So I guess you have to do it for each DVD you burn.

This Samsung drive works good and it could have been an excellent drive if the bitsetting would have been more user friendly like my other drives. Unfortunately I have given up on it and returned the drive. Thanks for all the help and maybe one day I will rejoin the Samsung ranks.

the same problem happens for sh-182d. the settings dont stick once you change them in nero. tired it this morning and when burning with dvd decrypter, the DL disc still came out DVD+R DL instead of DVD-ROM after the burn.

Neros Bitsetting has nothing to do with that from DVDD.