SH-S162A audio burning quality

its my first post here so hello everybody.

Recently i got myself into archiving my music on cdrs. i use samsung drive SH-S162A and azo crystal verbs cos i found out that they are read a little easier by my old stand alone cd player. my question - is this samsung a good drive to burn audio with? im asking cos i have no possibility to scan those cds with any other drive that would be a good cd scanner. well i got one optiarc in my siter’s hp pavilion laptop but i dont think its reliable. disc speed’s quality scan seems to work with it but curious is that the c1 errors graphs looks almost identical when compared cds burned with my samsung… and one burned with that opiarc: c1 avg rate varies from 1.0 to 3.0, with spikes reaching 20-40 c1/sec exactly in the same spots - during first 4 minutes and through 10-20 min, no c2 though, anyway i’ll try to post those graphs later. id like to point out that cds i burn work well i mean there are no skips etc nevertheless i am really curious about burning quality concerning c1 and c2 errors. thanks.

Hi and Welcome!

I had owned a SH-W163A (which is the Sata version of this drive), and I posted a scan with that media in this thread: a couple of years ago.

Compared with other drives, the Samsung was the winner with these discs.