SH-B083L cannot read BD-R LTH media?



I’ve got myself a SH-B083L drive which I use for Blu-Ray quality scans. It comes with firmware SB00 on board.

So far the drive looks like a very nice 8x Blu-Ray quality scanner … on normal BD-R media that is … I have just noticed today that the drive won’t read any of my BD-R LTH media :confused: which is very strange for a new drive …

The media in question which was written with two different Pioneer burners and 2 different firmwares on each drive, on different computers with different OSs and different Nero versions, is the 2x Mitsubishi BD-R LTH (VERBATIMw). The discs have been written as data discs.

All my other drives read all these LTH discs without any problems (BDR-S03, BDR-205, PX-B940SA, GGW-H20L, iHES208), the 6x TRTs on these discs are perfect and the iHES208 scans show an excellent burn.

Given the balance of evidence, I would tend to conclude that strangely enough the SH-B083L can’t read LTH media …

I can’t find any specific references to LTH media support in the specs from Samsung’s website, so I would be most grateful if someone could confirm that this drive can’t read their LTH media (or otherwise) …

Thanks! :flower:


My SH-B083L has no problem to read 2x Verbatim LTH disc which burnt video files by PIONEER S05.