SH-224DB literally spinning out of control?!

I am having terrible luck with optical drives. First I bought a DOA PX-716UF (dead laser probably) and now this. Yesterday I connected a supposedly never used SH-224DB (I originally wanted to buy a used iHAS B/C but read that Lite-on uses cheap capacitors and that the tray mechanism dies within 2 years) I bought on eBay to a new Startech USB 2.0 IDE/SATA adapter and tested whether it was detected by QPXTool and it was. Today I did a read transfer test on a Verbatim CMC M01 DVD+R I had burned with my WH16NS40 and the SH-224B seemed to be fine. I could also access the contents of the DVD as well in the file manager. So I figured I do a burn test as well with the Verbatim M01 blank media I have. At first it seemed to go okay but then the drive sped up and it started making a strange sound like the DVD got derailed somehow and was rubbing against the guts of the drive. I tried to cancel the burn but the drive seemingly was not responding. I don’t remember exactly what happened next in what order but I pulled the USB cable of the SATA adapter but the drive kept on spinning, then I noticed a burning smell and heard the drive was speeding up even further at this point I was actually starting to worry about my physical safety so I pulled the SATA power cable.

I have no idea whether the drive is faulty and broke down or if the cheap CMC media exploded but it’s not good at all.

EDIT: it appears I accidentally put a plastic protective (non-optical) disc that came with the Verbatims into the SH-224DB together with the M01… :man_facepalming: :sob: That is what produced the burning smell (the SH-224 tried to burn it…) and terrible noise (the sides of the protective disc are blackened). The SH-224 DB appears to be unharmed thankfully.

I would say you are pretty lucky.

Do you get an quiet 224DB or not? My experience is the Samsung 222xx to 224GB are mostly awful with vibrations, maybe the worst drives ever made in this point. Especially the 224BB which I don´t use anymore because it sounds like I use media with extreme imbalance and I´m afraid my PC-cases will crumble because of the vibrations

And somesometimes some of these drives are freaking out at burning DL-media and hold the 8x burning speed to the end of the disc (which is the beiginning of the media with DL)

Mine seems to be pretty quiet. It does not seem especially loud compared to my WH16NS40, maybe even quieter. I just burned a 4.3 GB ISO to an M01 @ 8x and did a read transfer test with QPXtool (unfortunately the Lite-on and TSST quality scanning plugins do not seem to work with the SH-224, so I will have to purchase Opti Drive Control and use it on my Windows 10 laptop):

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