Sh-223f brick recovery?

i bricked my sh-223f trying to crossflash it, just wondering if there is a way to recover it, probably not but just a shoutout to the experts,

i used dosflash64 to flash it under windows, it flashed it fine but i think it erased some part of flash that’s not written to by the normal flasher,

i did flash it back to default firmware, sb03 … with the stock flasher and the dosflash64, also tried different firmwares, the drive works fine except it wont read any discs, when trying to access it, it ejects it and asks for a disc

What did you exactly use to crossflash the drive at first?

crossflashed it using dosflash64 to ts-h653f firmware

With what firmware exactly?

ts-h653f_le11 from lenovo, LE11_0826_653F.BIN

link to ts-h653f_le11

can anyone with 223f burner please send me their flash dump? sb03 dump preferably, i’m trying to unbrick mine, you can do it with dosflash64 in windows, available here, if you are willing but have problems, let me know ill walk you through it

I would…but have no 223.

thanks chef, it seems no one has this one anymore, i’m gonna put it on the shelf for now, maybe someday someone who has one will dump it

Don’t be so sad. :slight_smile: This drive is quite popular in my region and I’ve often seen these drives in our customers’ computers. If I’ll see it again I’ll try to make dump for you (if anyone won’t do it faster).