SH-203N: No Longer detects Lightscribe Media

So I purchased a SH-203N on Newegg about 5 months ago. Been burning discs and labels on it…more here lately. Then today, after buring DVD data to the disc, I flipped it over, placed it back in the driver and NERO could not detect the lightscribe portion of the disc (center of disc ring… if you have lightscribe you know what I am talking about)

I then installed the lightscribe diagnostic utility… that also could not detect the media. I then tried detecting other labels in the spindle. Nothing…not one of them… ( the disk I burned earlier in the day was from that spindle…burned data and label fine)

I then tried a CDR lightscribe disc from a spindle I bought…WAY BACK…over a yr ago… would not detect several. I then tried a disc I already burned a label on to “reburn” or darken the disc…a disc it has already detected or burned once before…couldn’t detect it.

SO… ITS THE DRIVE. That is settled.

I then uninstalled and reinstalled lightscribe software. I also updated latest Samsung firmware. Nothing still no work.

So… is the drives lightscribe function dead? Is it common for lightscribe burning functions to die after so many burns? ( I read rumors about 25-50 burns somewhere).

Also how is SAMSUNG return system? Anyone used it? How quick do I get another drive back?

I will buy something ASAP as a replacement… and the 203N is no longer available at Newegg… what is an excellent lightscribe DVD/CDR combo drive to get? I liked the 203N but can no longer get it. I feel like an idiot for selling my extra BenQ just a few days ago. Any drive recommendations would be appreciated so I can order an immediate placement.

Try cleaning the lens. Can of compressed air will do.

Yeah…that didn’t work… as suspected.

Has anyone had experience with lightscribe burning out after so mnay burns?

With the computer on, open the tray and look inside. There should be a red glow or light visible. If not, the LS hardware probably went south.

Yeah I see that inside… but it still is not reading any lightscribe discs.


I’ve also experienced that myself. I just bought another lightscribe burner because my old one was having the same problems. The lightscribe looked lighter too as compared to when I first got it. I actually bought two more light scribe burners (used). At first I thought it was the disks but after trying it in several lightscribe burners it is the burner

I got the same drive and am getting ready to send it back. I found that it won’t burn Memorex meda plus others. Does good on Virbatim and TDK. It also started leaving rings on the outside edge of the disk when lightscribing an image. It started out as a small ring and now it is about 10mm wide. The drive is junk. I am going to replace it with an HP.