SH-203N firmware updates are way behind -- any alternative sites?



I have a Samsung SH-203N drive with firmware SB01. That’s the newest firmware for this drive. There have have been new firmwares released for the very similar SH-203B to improve write quality on various media as recent as last month (as well as another version a couple of months before that, to add insult to injury), but the SH-203N is still using firmware that’s about 6 months old. I’m getting impatient and wondering whether I should have opted for the less expensive “B” version…

Is there some site besides samsungodd that might have an update (other region, for example)? It seems that is the only site (in contrast to Pioneer, or Plextor, for example, who sometimes have newer firmware in various regions).

I have some newer MCC DVD-R media that is sorely in need of a firmware update on this drive, as it’s write quality is marginal.


OK, so they’re not way behind, at least compared to the “B” version–the two upgrades for that model list the changes as “nothing special”, whatever that means…