OK, so I’m having problems with my SH-203B, bought from Newegg. Pretty sure it’s the OS, but nonetheless I want a fix. I’m running XP Pro, by the way.

Things to note:

[li]Shows up in Device Manager, Device Manager gives the message “Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)”.[/li][li]Works just fine in Kubuntu, played a CD from it and everything.[/li][li]WININQUIRY.EXE gives me “DRIVE NOT FOUND!”.[/li][*]Tried making a Virtual Drive with Daemon Tools, got nothing.[/ol]So yeah, any more information needed will be provided.

What’s the sata chipset of your motherboard? Intel ich7/8/9? Via? Nvidia? Disable raid in motherboard bios.

Not sure what that is 100%, so uhh. My motherboard is an Intel D945GCPE. The Northbridge is an Intel 945GC Express.

RAID was never enabled, so yeah.

I’m still saying it’s an OS problem.

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Have a look here:


That did nothing. Here’s a screenshot of my Registry for proof. If it’s too big, feel free to remove it.

So yeah, I think I’m just gonna re-install windows. Anyone else before I do?

Check your upper and lower filters first!

Read more than the post that I just posted please.

[QUOTE=Syntra;2033703]Read more than the post that I just posted please.[/QUOTE]Something is not right. Code 39 is upper and lower filters…

If you want to format then up to you.

Not gonna reformat, just gonna re-install windows.

I can’t think of anything else.

You have an Intel mobo so…

I would not just install over but yeah go ahead and do it.

I always format and re load windoz.

Before you reinstall Windows you might try to uninstall the IDE/Sata channel your drive is connected to in Device Manager. Windows should reinstall the drivers after a reboot.
Also, a reboot is necessary after following the instructions given in the MSKB article mentioned above. Also, you can check(and delete) the Filters with ImgBurn (Tools/Filter Driver Load Order).