SH-203B machine freeze issues




some time ago when i was looking for a new drive to replace my old burner i stepped over the SH203B review here.
The review really got me interested and similar reviews in other places looked just as good, so i decided to buy 2 of those drives to be used in my 2 main machines.

While i cant generally complain about the drives because they seemed to write flawlessly, fast and quiet, i hve just recently run into some serious and very annoying isues.

both drives are in 2 completely different machines right now, an nforce570 sli based vista 64 and an nforce 560 based xp 32 machine.
both are connected to the nforce native sata ports. both machines using the latest official chipset drivers and up to date with all windows updates. i also recently updated the firmware to the SB03 version.

Now to the problem:
i was recently ging to rip a 22 disc audiobook on the xp machine. before i even reached disc 15 the whole machine froze completely 3 times and i had to manually reboot the machine (reset switch) since nothing else worked anymore.
i had no idea what was going wrong and assume it might be some bogus software issue, so i continued ripping on a spare notebook.

a good 2 weeks later i decided to finally burn some dvd videos i had lying on my harddisk for ages on my other, vista 64 based machine. im usually using verbatim dvd+r media, so i did this time. out of this batch of about 10 burns, my machine froze a total of 4 times at seemingly random positions of the burning process. thats different to the finalize-freeze topics i found here in this forum.
the freezes occured shortly after starting the burn, right in the middle of the burn and close to the end of it alike.

the only similarity seems t be the nforce based chipset and the onboard nforce sata ports the drives where connected to, but the result were the same, complete machine freezes which forced me to do a manual hardware reset.
the drives keept spinning during these freezes so the only obvious indicator of a fault was the lack of progress in the ripping/burning process.
windows was totally stuck in both cases, so i couldnt close the programs or remove the processes or anything, the mouse pointer movement was the only thing that seemed not to be affected.

has anyone encountered similar issues with this drive or does anyone have any suggestion what i could try next to avoid this issue?
im not 100% if both issues occured after upgrading to SB03 or if the CDDA rip session was before that btw.



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Sorry to hear about your problem :sad:, but honestly I don’t have an answer to your problem right now and as long as the drives are on warranty.
One thing would be to downflash to SB02 or SB01. (Not possible with stock flasher though. :D)

Strange as it might sound but the best you can do atm is to get an add on PCI to sata controller card and continue from there.


My SH-S203B also has this problem, especially when burning at 20x. The drive was originally attached to a nForce 410/430-based PC. After I have installed it to an intel ICHR8-based PC, the problem never occurs again.

My guess is this Samsung drive does have a compatibility problem with some non-intel SATA chipset. I tried it on two nForce-based PCs and the problem persisted. I have tried firmware SB01, SB02 and SB03, official or otherwise, without avail.

My suggestion is to sell this drive and buy a more decent 20x SATA writer such as the Optiarc AD-7200S or Pioneer DVR-215, which can burn discs at 20x stably on any non-intel based PCs.


Maxx2206: You could try downloading the latest Nvidia drivers from their website for your motherboard. But as pinto2 mentioned buying a pci sata controller card would be the best option. :slight_smile:

Lassaigne: It’s a known fact that using Intel based sata chipset controllers work well with the s203b drive. But when using Nvidia chipset using the latest drivers from their website will allow the drive to work correctly. I once had a Nforce 4 chipset motherboard which the s203b drive worked fine as long as I used the latest drivers from Nvidia. :wink:


@Lassaigne wait till you want a LG Blu-ray burner.



[quote=DVD_ADDICT;2008511][B]Maxx2206:[/B] You could try downloading the latest Nvidia drivers from their website for your motherboard. But as pinto2 mentioned buying a pci sata controller card would be the best option. :slight_smile:

well, the sad fact is, i do use the latest nvidia drivers for both machines :frowning:
Since im not burning much on the smaller machine, right now i decided to just live with the problem for now there, and for the faster machine i had to find another solution until a permanent fix comes up.

Honestly, I’m not really willing to buy a separate SATA addon just for that drive, im already using 3 7200.10 seagate drives including a raid0 stripe without any problems on the internal sata.

The only thing I’m gonna try is to plug the 203B into the additional JMicron SATA connector which is a bonus feature of my board (M2NSLI-Deluxe) and see if it runs more stable there. If it doesnt, I#ll replace the s203B with the spare GSA-H62N i got lying around here which never showed this behaviour on the internal ports so far.



ok, just replaced the H62N with the 203B again, this time being plugged into the JMicron SATA port with AHCI Bios setting.
Let’s see if those errors occur again with the next batch of DVDs i have to burn (too bad these freezes are of such a random nature, cant really be sure to have fixed the issue unless i burn at least 5-10 discs in a row).

On the other hand, Lassaignes advice made me look into some other reviews and it sounds like the AD7200S really seems to be a decent writer.

I’ve also noticed the comparison between the H62N and the 203B which was slightly in favour towards the LG drive, but I’m not quite sure myself. Having used both drives the LG’s noise level is noticably higher, it also tends to take a while before recognizing some media. The ripping speed of DVDs also seemed slower than with the 203B. After all, the main reason not to use the 203B lately was that it showed these random freezes.

I’m not tied too much to any brand, I just want a good, stable burn. mostly with quality media since I barely use exotic or cheap discs myself and I want the save’ish feeling my data is stored as good as humanly possible without spending too much time or insame amounts of money in gear. Over the years I’ve always tried to use the best drives available at each time and besides the lousy first Pioneer 112D i bought a few months ago i never had any major issues. I never spent toom uch time with interpreting burn scans tho, which is why I appreciate the reviews here and the opinions of people with years of “deeper” experience.

I’ll keep you informed :wink:


One thing would be to downflash to SB02 or SB01. (Not possible with stock flasher though. :D)[/quote]:confused: care to elaborate? Normally, the flasher would complain about some older firmware, but then continue to do its job.
Has something changed with the newer flashers supplied by Samsung?

EDIT: All official flashers that come with 203B firmwares (Samsung Korea) are the same (ver, so I doubt, it’s the flasher.