SH-203B Firmware Update

Hi guys,

few days ago I got me a Samsung SH-203B drive. Of course I looked for a new firmware right away. Samsung’s LiveUpdate found one, BS01 (BS00 is the native f/w). But when I tried to update, sfdnwin stopped and closed (without any confirmation or whatsoever). After a reboot the drive wouldn’t even open, the LED was on all the time.

Sfdnwin was showing that the drive seemed to hang in some “BOOT”-mode, whatever that might be. Now I tried several update files I found here, on Samsung websites or other firmware web pages. Nothing worked out. I even tried the other onboard S-ATA controller (ICH8 and Gigabyte SATA2). Luckily I could trade that drive for a new one.

But I am eager to update it. Isn’t there any DOS software? I know why I hate Windows tools. The differences in S-ATA controllers isn’t helping I guess.

All trials were done under WinXP (32bit). I changed now to Vista64. Information you may want to know. :wink:

I’ve had the exact same “hanging booting” problem with my 203B. The drive wouldn’t open…

I just downloaded the firmware again, and did a new update on the drive. I had to reboot windows, and this time everything worked as it should. I could open the drive sledge again, and the burnings was fine :slight_smile:


I think I’ve read your thread… :wink:

This is what I hoped would happen, but it didn’t. :frowning:

Have you tried this yet?

Yes and very easy to do. Do not use the Auto Update app. I’ve seen nothing but trouble with it.

Actually here is the update page;

Well, when I start the f/w file “SH-S203B_SB01.exe” the update process will start automaticaly. So the steps this thread is suggesting, won’t work. :rolleyes:

I’m gonna have to get me one of these drives…I’ve really been seeing alot of positive things about them.

will try it, thx

Use .bin file instead of .exe You can extract the flasher and the .bin file by right clicking and then extract.

I can assure you , you will not be sorry, I love mine, I have 2, and they burn great and with accuracy and speed.:iagree: You cannot go wrong for 31.99 free shipping at the Egg.:iagree:

oh yeah this drive is a winner hands down. Alan beat me to it :doh: :bigsmile:

Worked anyway, although the update process started by itself. :slight_smile:

I think that crappy LiveUpdate software killed the drive in the first place.


Yes don’t use that crappy live update :disagree:

Just use Winrar to extract the bin file.:iagree:

Or 7-zip 4.55 (beta) :slight_smile: Free Software.

Great software… Glad to hear Igor fixed some of the issues it had with RAR SFX files. 7-Zip is great!

Well, I’m in the same boat. Tried to update with C0deking’s mods and got the “boot” :frowning:

did not try the liveupdate, that comp not on the net. Did the bin file udates, both regular & in safe mode, no change. have tried to flash back to SB00 with no success.

Running on Win XP Home via a Promise SATA2 card.

Drive was dated August 2007 with SB01 stock.

any help appreciated!

There is no codeking firmware made for this drive yet, to the general public anyway. SB01 is the newest firmware you should have tried to flash.

I think he’s talking about this…