SH-183L - Vista won't boot


I just bought a new Samsung SH-183L SATA DVD writer but once installed, I can’t boot Windows Vista - it just sticks on the loading screen with the green bar.

I checked in the registry and there is an entry in there, so it has obviously detected it, but I can’t get it to see it.

Any help would be appreciated.


More details about your computer would be nice. Is it plugged into on-board SATA ports or a SATA pci card?


It is an on board SATA PCI card. I have 1.25GB RAM. Pentium 4 2.8GHz.
Primary SATA drive (in same card) is 250GB HDD, which works fine and has Vista installed on it.

I did have an IDE DVD-Rom which I used to install Vista (clean) but, once installed, Vista didn’t detect that, which is why I upgraded to the Samsung SATA one. Incidentally, when I did have that IDE drive plugged in, Vista took 10 minutes to boot. Since removing it, it takes 30 seconds. However, now if I plug in the SATA drive, it never boots (at least not in under 40 minutes, which is how long I have left it before giving up).

I now have no IDE drives at all.

what mobo are you using?

it maybe the sata pci card does not like sata HDD and ODD

do you have a second sata controller

also what is the SATA setting in the bios

I’m not 100% sure which Motherboard (I’m not at that PC at the moment), but I’m pretty sure it predates SATA as I got it in January 2003. There is nothing I can find in the BIOS which referes to SATA. The SATA card has its own BIOS but that is just for setting up RAID and nothing more. Interestingly, when it shows the SATA boot screen, it detects the HDD but says “No Drive Found” for the second channel, but go into the SATA BIOS itself and both drives are shown.

No I don’t have a second ATA controller.