Sh-182d how to make it region free

hi all.

yesterday i purchased the new sh-182d 18x dvd recorder from samsung in India and updated to the latest firmware SB04.

But the problem is it does not read dvds which i made in europe - not even single one of them (video dvds also)

i tried using dvd+css free and anydvd but no help. still it detects data and video dvds as blank cds.

if anybody can give me a suggestion to overcome this problem - i would highly appreceate it.


Clearly no region problem, your selfmade DVDs surely have no protection!!!

Uninstall anydvd and virtual drives etc.

thanks chef

i guess you are right: I returned the drive to samsung and am witing for a replacement :smiley:

Please let us know if the new one performs well.

Samsung service really sucks :a they never returned my drive or gave me a replacement.

I finally got fed up and got a new sony dru1020c from the shop keeper. this one works like a darling - no issues at all - :bigsmile: