SH-16A7S Burning CDs @ 16x



Hi! I apologize in advance for making my first post a cry for help. I know that’s generally looked down upon but I’ve been a long time casual browser of CD Freaks so I guess now is better than never. :slight_smile:

Anyways, my issue is basically that CD-Rs are burning no faster than 16x on my 16A7S. This is the first SATA anything that has been connected to my Intel D875PBZ, which has 2 150 ports. BIOS and drivers are up to date, SP2 is installed, DMA is enabled, and everything I can think of is ready to go. RAID is not enabled, although I don’t even think you ‘turn it on’ on this mobo.

DriveSpeed, while burning a test CD, did not budge above 16x, yet InfoTool shows the drive is capable of 48x. Tried an audio CD and burning an image, same thing. I’ve since swapped ports, from 0 to 1, with 0 now being occupied by a WD5000AAKS HDD, which is working fine. Media is TDK 52x, which burned fine in a Lite-On 52/32/52 and NEC 8x DVD+/-RW, so that’s not to blame.

I’m fairly certain my system is the problem, but I’ve exhausted everything I can think of to check. Does anyone have any ideas? I greatly appreciate your time.

Edit: This might be useful…


Okay, I did another test and the issue seems to have resolved itself. I’m not sure if switching SATA ports had anything to do with it or not. Odd… I’ll do more testing later.

Note: I didn’t do anything, at least that I can think of, that would have forced the drive to switch from CLV to CAV. Perhaps that did the trick.