SH-162A experience?

I picked one of these up at Microcenter from their “Samsung OEM” bin. For $39 it was a bargain and a decent upgrade to my existing NEC 2500A.

Tried some Ritek -R DL discs with it – no write strategy was reported from Nero No place I’ve been able to find locally has any of the Verbatim -R DLs, although -R DL seems to be still new – hopefully some firmware upgrades will come down the pike enabling more media choices.

Good luck thusfar writing 16x -R DVDs.

Ritek -R DL??
I would avoid them aswell as +R DL.

That’s money smashed into the bin…

The good news about Microcenter is they take most stuff back, these included. Kind of hard for them not to considering the drive they sold me advertised as -R DL compatible wouldn’t work with the -R DL discs they also sold…

I bought them when I bought the drive, since it was all they had for -R DL on the shelves. Looks like the pickings for -R DL are pretty slim right now, all most places I’ve looked (admittedly not many) seem to carry are Riteks or Verbatim.

Not really true - there is a fault with Samsungs I have found.

I have looked for write strategies in Nero CD/DVD Speed and they all are blank.

But I downloaded the firmware from samsungodd and got the prog on here that opens the firmware and shows you speeds etc - can’t overspeed yet, and there are tons of write strategies…

I will check for you and report back.

EDIT: Just checked for the 162L - Ritek DVD-R DL is there :slight_smile:

I also look forward to your reply as i have recently installed the samsung sh-s162a. I updated the latest firmware. I found it could write to verbatim +r and play them ok on my pc, but when ripping and burning, i had odd results. The first couple i did i used shrink (backed up full copy, no compression etc) and nero 6 (burn files) and they played on my stand alone dvd player, but when i tried decrypter and imgburn, a well known method they would only play on my pc…

maybe nero booktyped to rom and imgburn didn’t (not supported by the program on most recent samsung dvd-rws)

My drive shipped with TS00 firmware. On the “main” Samsung site, there’s a link to TS01 firmware and on here there’s a link to the samsunodd site with TS02 firmware.

I tried both TS02 and TS01 and Nero reported “No write strategy” errors for Ritek -R DLs with both firmware revs. Could it be that I had media mislabeled somehow that Nero didn’t match with the firmware write strategy?

I haven’t had the drive long enough to do any DVD ripping with it. I’ve burned a couple of -R DVDs with it that work fine, and it reads -RAMs made on my Panasonic DMR-E80.