SFV file in an ISO



what exactly is the SFV file of an ISO download? i was at Godabuzz Warez and downloading the windows 2000 ISO, and i was wondering if i need the SFV file. the only reason i wanna know is because i’m on 56k, so it’s a pain in the ass to download anything here.

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Well it’s a checksum for the iso files you downloaded. It’s to make sure all the files are downloaded correctly. It’s size shouldn’t be more than a couple of k. So download it as well.


ahh, makes sense. thanks for the help.


and go here… http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Mouse/4668/index.html … to get QuickSFV.
It will tell you which files have crc errors.


What do I have to do with SFV files? How do I unpack them?


<BLOCKQUOTE><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Arial”>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Pirm:
What do I have to do with SFV files? How do I unpack them?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

You don’t, just use SFV32W or any other SFV prog to verify that you got all the files ok.