Sfv extension?



I have recently seen many iso’s split using a file splitter. There is always a generated file with an *.sfv extension.
The program is called win-sfv32, I think?

Is there anywher I can retrieve a copy of this program, or how do you merge the files back into 1 hole file?


The files are not splitted using the win-sfv util, they are splitted with (Win)RAR, a ZIP-like archiving tool. To extract the .BIN or .ISO file from the .001 -> .xxx or .RAR -> .Rxx files just download winrar http://www.tucows.com/ and open the first file (.RAR or .001) and extract.
The .sfv is for verifying that all files are downloaded correctly (by CRC checksum).
This is not needed since winrar does CRC checking too. So you wont need win-sfv, but if you want it, you can probably get it somewhere, just do a search with astalavista or maybe altavista.
Hope this helps, although you should have gotten this info from the .nfo file included with most ISO releases.

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