at a german board, someon gave me a tip, how i can run TM Sunrise. But therefore, I need a tool named sfcure. I googled for about half an hour, but found nothing really. Only that “sfcure” has something to do with “SFAFSB.EXE” of which I didn’t hear anything, too.

plz help!! :bow:

I want to kickass Starforce :a

greez baerchen

hmm, i did find the files now, but it doesn’t work.
I did install it sfcure, rebooted, took SFN to turn off my cd drives, started sfcure and mounted the image.

If you have an AMD64 as processor you need a special version of sfcure…
and it also depends on the game

Since SF 3.5 you have to really unplug your physical drives (SFN’s Disable CD, Disable chX,… isn’t working), if they aren’t connected via a RAID-Controller, USB or Firewire; after mounting the image you have to ‘Disable node’ of virtual drive with SFN.

where did u get the fscure?
i can’t still find it =(