SF and DT v4.09

Hi all,
Thanks to the daemon-tools team for their release of v4.09. However, it seems that StarForce v4.70.6.8 is still detecting DT v4.09 successfully.
My case is like this:
I upgrade the daemon-tools from v4.08 to v4.09 and made an image from alcohol v1.96 build 4719. I installed the game using the original disc and key from manual. I can run successfully from original disc but it shows “disc key error” problem everytime I run from DT v4.09.
I tried using 1X High percision DPM but no luck.

Then I tried to remove everything, the game, DT, SF driver (using latest driver removal tool), STPD driver, Alcohol and reinstall only the game, DT with STPD 1.43 driver. This time the game keeps detecting emulation software. I noticed that the SF driver is of v4.70.6.8 and I never see their news press about this. So I am just wondering whether anyone has the same experience as me?

I am from Hong Kong and actually many Chinese games are still protected by StarForce which I hate very much. So I am just wondering if anyone has a game with SFv4.70.6.8?

Great thanks for reading this! :slight_smile:

Found this at DTools forum maybe it solves your problem. Would be nice letting us know if it worked.

Actually I am that hotaruhotaru over there~ :slight_smile: