Sexiest People of 2K05



The Sexiest People of 2K05 Thread! :bigsmile:

  • This will be thread for the sexiest peeps of 05.
  • Post whoever you think made it to your list of being the sexiest.

I’ll start off…

Jessica Alba

IMHO she’s one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen in my life.
She’s a sexy, adorable, radiant, and stunning girl that isn’t affraid to kick but. :iagree:


But … but… but …

Wilma Flinstone is undoubtedly the sexiest woman that ever lived.:clap:

  • Better Than Life.

or didn’t :disagree:


For me it’s Claudia :kiss:


Euh, you mean 2K5 right … I won’t make it upto 20005. :disagree:



After one too many drinks… who knows? :confused:


Did you have to much already?

Let me guess, you’re under 20. :wink:


Soo that means Sexy Southerner will be the winner?

BJ: Very very nice (the left one) picture of Claudia. :bow:


Who else but Kylie :flower: :flower: :flower:


Wilma is as real as some of the body parts on display in this thread :slight_smile:


jessica simpson
elisha cuthbert
jessica alba
scarlett johanson
jessica biel


Sexiest Male of 2005: Gil T Pleasure bar none.


Lol how very true Dee :iagree:


LOL @ Dee

Must heartily second Jessica Alba (she’s ‘real,’ too), although I find others sexy also, like Jacqueline Obradors, Tia Carrere and Talisa Soto.


Sexiest Male of 2005: Gil T Pleasure bar none.

I agree. :iagree:


LOL. debro’s post was good but Dee’s made me spill my coffee.
For me it’s…


ok heres my vote…i’m a Sydney Moon admirer


so am i :iagree: :eek: :wink:



My Votes Are For S_S, Ally and Sneaky-eh?



Not bad, not bad at all.


I remembered one. It was the first time I saw her, but I believe she is a Colombian actress named Angélica (Angie) Cepeda. When I saw her, I would have to quote a line from Whitesnake’s “Slow Poke Music”:

“…ewwww, you melt my ice cream with that body talk!”