Severe rip/Burn slow down after install



My total burn time from start to finish is usually within the 30-45 min range when backing up my dvd copies…
But after installing Anydvd my total time from start to finish increases to almost 3 hours!
I have the IDE Channel in UDMA 2 and have uninstalled and reinstalled it…same thing. I have the same problem while using DVDXCopy also…increased time for burning. I have successfully copied R2 and the Forgotten while using DVDShrink and anydvd but at the expense of Realllll long rip and burn times…
Any ideas on what the slowdown could be?

WinxpSp1 (tried sp2 too but same result)
Athlon xp2500
Plextor PX708a (with latest firmware)
1 GB Corsair XMS
200GB Maxtor
120 GB Maxtor

Thanks in advance

I faithfully use DriveImage 2002 to quickly restore my puter when those little uh ohs happen.


[I] I figured it out.
By enabling Fast and Noisy. There was a user that posted it a while back.Thanks.