Severe Problems with NEC 2500A

Here are my system specs:
1 Ghz AuthenticAMD AMD Athlon™ Processor
60% system resources free (Explorer and Systray open only.)
Microsoft Windows 98 4.10.2222 A
Geforce 2 64 MB Video Card
27 Gig Maxtor Hard Drive.
No overclocking.
Brand of DVD rom: “_NEC DVD±R/RW 2500A 1.07” (Firmware upgraded to most current official version - 1.07)
No other CdROM/DVDROMS connected.
Brand of Media: “4.7 Gig Maxell DVD-R”, and also “Sony 4.7 Gig DVD+RW”
Burning Program: NTI CD Maker 5 (Came with my DVD Burner - bought from NCIX)

Maxell DVD’s burn with corrupt data. Sony DVD burnt without corrupt data. Burnt DVD’s with NTI CD Maker 6 Gold. Normal CD-R’s burn with corrupt data. Tried burning CD’s with Nero, CloneCD, Alcohol 120%, NTI CD Maker 6 Gold. All corrupt.

Here are some symptons resulting from my DVD-Drive being evil:
One of the DVD’s I burnt (Some of the data corrupt of course). Right Click -> Properties. Thinks it’s a 1.99 Gig CD-Rom, when in fact it is a 4.7 Gig DVD-R.
Device manager also lists it as a CD-ROM, not a DVD-ROM.
Info about my drive from the device manager, and DVDInfoPro.

Also, I’m not even sure I hooked my DVD-Drive up properly in the first place, would that be causing all these errors on all my burnt media (Well, not all. My Sony DVD+RW are the only things that work) and the misinterpretation of what my dvd-drive really is?
Can anybody help me? If you need any more information, I’d be glad to provide it.

Thanks in advance.

Do you have dma enabled in both bios and windows?

Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:

Well, in confuddled5.png in my first post, in the device manager when looking at the properties of my drive DMA is checked. I assume that enables it in windows. I don’t know how to check if I have it enabled in my bios.

Also, my motherboard is pretty old (5+ years). Would upgrading my BIOS or something help fix this problem? It seems like my computer only recognizes my DVD-Writer as a CDROM, even though it burns DVD+RW (And only DVD+RW’s) correctly, and everything else incorrectly. If so, how would I even go about doing that? O_o