Severe Problems with GSA-H22L

Ok i have been trying desperately to resolve this on my own as best as i could without much of any luck and today it appears to have worsened on my xp partition for almost no reason.

I have had this drive just under 2 years but because i rarely watch dvds its never been paid much attention but lately i been trying to watch dvds and have had no luck with it, i have had minor issues before but i just left it alone when i should have investigated more. the drive has problems recognizing my dvds and these are all legit store bought dvds, some work great where others (example being pitch black) wont read period. i have replaced the ide cable and it seemed to help at first but now i doubt it did anything, i did flash to 1.02 but that was before much of this surfaced.

and just today i was looking at a nero tool that listed the drive speeds and now my dvd burner lists a cd burning speed of 48x and read speed of 48x which is the cd burning speed and its the only one listed and i even uninstalled the drive without it going back to normal.

i ran the speed test app from nero and the cd speeds got up to 50x+ and dvd slowly made its way to well over 10x but i am at a lose as to why it has so many issues with dvds, it also auto sets its self to pio mode even when i uninstall and reinstall the ide drivers, is there anyway to prevent this? i do have daemon tools installed, would that by chance cause these sort of issues? any information you need i will gladly provide, i just hope there is a fix to this, i have no used this drive much in the time i have owned it so i do not think its failing, or i hope not.

any information anyone can provide would be much appreciated, and thank you in advance.

10x DVD read speed sounds like your drive does not run in UMDA2 mode.
Post the result of the Nero CD-DVD Speed burst transfer test, you need a disk with some data in the drive to run the test. It should display about 23 MB/sec.
Post the result of the Nero CD-DVD Speed transfer rate test of a data DVD.

ok i ran those 2 tests, the burst rate stated 3 mb/s and the transfer test started at just over 1x and finished with an average of 2.39 mb/s.

Edit: also with the transfer test i sometimes get the error shown if i leave the spin up time at 10 seconds but it goes away when it is set to 5 seconds spin up.

The setup is wrong.

3mb burst is nothing.

check the DMA mode.

well as mentioned in my first post, windows auto sets it into pio mode, i can reinstall the drivers for the ide adapter and it stays at udma 4 for a short time but eventually goes back into pio mode, i am unsure as to why this is and it is the only drive i have ever owned to do this, in windows vista though it stays at udma 4 which is where some of my tests were done first, xp wont allow it out of pio mode though, for whatever reason.

in vista it will go above those speeds but still, not to where they should be at except for cd speeds which work as they should.

Then replace the ide cable.

i already have, i replaced it with a brand new cable. what prompted me before was in my alcohol 120% program the speeds it reported was 4x and 6x for my read and write speeds, not sure now which is what as it was installed under vista and i am under xp at the moment but that made me replace the cable which made some difference but obviously not much.

the speeds for cd reading under vista were 52x as they should be and it allowed, though slowly, dvd speeds to reach up to 12x sometimes but that is because vista is not auto setting the mode to pio, xp is the one that does it and i have reinstalled the ide drivers multiple times. but some of my problems still exist under vista, like severe troubles watching dvds.

Use a flat 80 wire cable. Do not use a round cable. Disconnect the second device if available.

yea the cable i use now is a flat 80 pin wire, the old one was a round cable that came with my motherboard, i can try to disconnect my cd burner if it’d maybe make a difference.

Edit: i just unhooked my cd burner which was set as my master and set the dvd burner as the new master and it seems to have helped, i ran a burst test and it reached 33 MB/s and i am currently running a transfer test, it started slowly again but it is slowly increasing. also so far the transfer mode is staying at UDMA 4, so does this mean my dvd burner does not like my cd burner or does the dvd burner need to be set as the master on my ide cable? i only have one ide port so its not possible to move it to a new cable or i would have tried that already.

been running a few tests every so often with discspeed, so far its still in udma mode 4 though the speeds never seem to go above 3.6x. also the write speed is listed as 4x even though read speed is listed as 16x but in any case it reads so slow for it being the speed of the drive it is, is there anything i can do to get it to perform better?

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still messing with my dvd burner, when it appears it may actually work ok again, it just goes back to square one. right now i am trying to get the movie pitch black to load and i finally managed to get it to recognize in windows and show the dvd was seen by windows but thats as far as it goes, the dvd light stays on and if i try to open windows media player or another program to try and watch it, the program locks up and if i try to access anything related to the dvd burner in anyway, like device manager, that locks up as well until the dvd is removed. this happens on select dvds, some work, others wont, period. and pitch black is the actual store bought dvd, its a dual layered dvd.

Is the cable 80 wire or 40 wire???

its a 80 wire cable, so i am sure the new cable could not be the source of the issue. i have confirmed not all my dvds run poorly, but some do and it does not matter if they have not even a grain of dust on them.

i am back in vista and one of my programs (alcohol 120%) registers my read speed as 6.1x and write speed as 4.0x, even though my drive is a 16x burner.

[QUOTE=Hatorijr;2284641]its a 80 wire cable, so i am sure the new cable could not be the source of the issue. i have confirmed not all my dvds run poorly, but some do and it does not matter if they have not even a grain of dust on them.

i am back in vista and one of my programs (alcohol 120%) registers my read speed as 6.1x and write speed as 4.0x, even though my drive is a 16x burner.[/QUOTE]

The actual used media is counting most regarding burning speed.

yea i am not to concerned with the speed at which i burn stuff though, i am more concerned with the speed at which it is read which is how i even noticed this problem. i do not watch many dvds on my pc but recently decided to start doing so which is when i noticed some dvds reading at insanely slow speeds where they usually should not.

i heard mention of something called riplock and how it slows down read speeds, would flashing my firmware with a copy that does not use riplock maybe help with this issue?

Your problem is not the riplock, it is that UDMA2 does not work stable.

its normally supposed to be in UDMA 4 mode, under vista it stays in that mode and i managed to force it to stay in UDMA mode 4 under xp now thanks to a reg hack.

UDMA2 is fast enough (33MB/s) and probably causes less transmission errors.

possibly, but errors is not the main issue i am having, when it does decide to read it seems to read fine for most stuff except dvds where even when there appears to be nothing wrong with the dvd, it just wont play. some dvds work perfectly, others like my pitch black has severe issues even being recognized by the system much less playing at all once recognized. another issue i notice with dvds, instead of the drive spinning up and constantly spinning it does it in bursts, i do not think it does this for cds, i mainly notice it with just dvds, i tried to make an image once and the buffer was rarely ever used up much.