Severe problems playing dual layer dvd+r's

I can’t get my Pioneer 520 play dual layer dvd+r’s, even if bittsetting is set to dvd-rom. I’ve finally managed to burn and recognise one disc, but it will not read in the stand-alone recorder. (See scan here.)

Is this a common problem or is it caused by the burner?

pioneer 520 and HDD less 320 us a pioneer 107 dvdrw drive and fw in that drive is custom to work with the settop, it cant read dvd +R DL because it was built using pre DL rated fw, pioneer does not update the fw for settop and you cant just put pc fw in drive so as of now the pioneer 320/520 cant read +R DL but there is 99% chance it will read -R DL as it seems to work on everything and is seen as normal movie disk

This is interesting, thank you very much for the update.


one other fact that this drive cant do is read DVD_RAM media, The pc 107D and 108D and 109D can read DVD-RAM again this is just fw. So you see pioneer could have put fw to make settop 320/520 do this but they didnt, why who knows.