Severe problem with InCD

Every once in a while I try the new versions of InCD to see if they will work without interfering with other software. Installed the new version and everything seemed O.K. Did a quick format on a DVD-RW, then copied three folders of files to it with a total of 1.9 GB. Still no problems. The drive kept flashing after that, which I expected, because the complete format was not finished. Did some other stuff on the computer after that, and about an hour later, I noticed the drive had quit flashing. Figured the format was finished, so I hit the eject button on the DVD burner. The red burning light came on(Lite-On burner), so I thought maybe it was doing that closing thing that InCD does before it ejects, but it didn’t have that little box pop up that I have seen in the past. After about five minutes of the solid red burning light, I decided to reboot, but InCD would not exit. Then did a reset, and when it rebooted, I found that one complete folder of files had been erased while that red burning light was on. I have never had much luck with InCD. It seems like a good idea, but I keep having too many problems with it.