Severe memory leak in Microsoft Photos

Over the past few weeks, I noticed my PC began stuttering the odd day around the evening time. This happened with even mild multitasking in Windows 10, such as just having a web browser and a few basic Windows Apps open. The PC has an Intel i7 7700K CPU, 16GB RAM and a Samsung 970 EVO 1TB SSD, so browsing the web shouldn’t be that severe… :grinning:

From a quick check in Task Manager, the main culprit was memory usage, i.e. >15GB of 16GB in use. I began closing applications one by one and to my surprise, once I closed the Photos App, the memory usage plummeted. After noticing a similar pattern each day this happened, it appears the Photos App gradually eats up memory when left open in the background.

As an example, this is my Windows 10 memory usage after leaving the Photos App open most of the day:
Windows 10 high memory usage

Surprisingly, the main processes tab didn’t show anything unusual for memory usage. However, when I added the ‘Commit’ column to the ‘Details’ tab, the Photos app stood out:

Notice the massive commit size in comparison to its reported memory usage. Anyway, I right-clicked this and ended the task. The Photos app disappeared from the task bar and the memory usage collapsed:
Memory usage drop after closing Photos

It also appears that Task Manager does not account for all the memory Apps use either. Notice how it shows 17,320,816K (=16.5GB) in the details tab above. Now, compare the the Committed memory size in the screenshot before and after closing Photos. 45.2GB - 11.9GB = 33.3GB! That’s also meant a lot of paging took place to the SSD (notice the 99% Disk 0 (C:) usage above).

Basically, don’t leave the Photos App open.

Thanks Sean Good info