Several VHS Movies to One DVD

The product is actually the DMR-EZ485V DVD/VCR recorders combo that can copy both directions. I have VHS with several movies on each. I want to burn the DVD with all movies using LP or EP setting, but I want to separate them out for easy selection and quick access to any of them. This product has chapters capability - if that is what I should be using - but this is my first time with such a product and I have never done those. Is there an easy way to separate the movies on the DVD root menu (if such exists, or whatever) so I can watch what I want? Thanks.

I’m not real familiar with your DMR, but it should have some sort of editing function built in. I have a Panasonic unit, but it requires that you have it hooked up to a television set, in order to use most of the functions it is capable of.

You can put anywhere from 2hrs of video to 8hrs of video on a dvd, depending upon how much loss in quality you are willing to endure… Most recommendations are for 2 to 2 1/2 hrs of video per dvd. If you used compressed formats such as divx or xvid you can get between 3 and 4 and still have decent quality. The best way to find out, is to just try it and see if it is acceptable to you.

If this is the case you may be able to use chapters for each movie, because it will produce a menu where you can choose.
On the other hand, commercial VHS movies are copy protected, so unless you can place what is called “Video Stabilizer” in video pass, you may not be able to record anything.