Several U.S. state govts. received strange letter and CD with malware through postal service

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Several U.S. state and local government agencies report they have received letters through regular postal mail accompanied by a CD that contains malware. U.S. cyber-security organization, Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC), has issued a non-public alert to warn other U.S states for the scam.

Anyone using unknown software or programs deserves to be Put on the Firing line. How stupid can you be to use software you have no knowledge what or where it came from when you didn’t request it. Nor does it have return address that should be a RED FLAG.


Biggest headache with managing large computer systems, is dealing with inexperienced users and/or complete computer illiterates who don’t know any better.

The type of folks who will play usb flash drives or optical discs found laying around in the hallway or smoking area.

This is why companies are beginning to locking down “AutoRun” and USB run functions. In a age of 20 century you would think human would grow a brain by now. Put this way would you put your house keys and a note of your address in a empty envelope saying they would delivery you sweet surprises???

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Back in the day, I remember we had type manually mount a floppy, cdrom, etc … on unix type workstations. No easy autorun crap in those days on such machines.

When I first picked up a windoze pc, I was somewhat skeptical of things being “autorun”. Excluding the convenience factor, I though it was a recipe for shenanigans by pranksters.

The disc had infected Word documents:

On the CD, there are several Microsoft Word (.doc) files that contain text in the Mandarin language. Some files contained malicious Visual Basic scripts, the MS-ISCA reports.

Either way, like protecting against phishing e-mails and scam telephone calls, keeping staff trained and up to date with the latest scams is absolutely essential.

I repeatedly tell all the computer illiterates I deal with, to “think like a criminal” when it comes to anticipating problems which can be avoided.