Several Tracks Missing After Error Free Burn

I am new to burning CD’s and after burning one successfully under CDBurnerXP, I was unable to burn any more successfully using that software (keep getting messages saying “Burning Error Occurred While Burning the Disc”. This was even though I had brand new fresh Verbatim, white top CD-R blanks. I finally decided to download “Infrarecord” however I couldn’t get that to work either.

Out of frustration, I finally downloaded the latest version “Burnaware” and was able to successfully create a new CD out of my compilation of .wav files.

The burn would have been perfect except for two strange problems however. I had 18 tracks for the CD, ordered 1-18 from the .wav files in the compilation. All 18 tracks were burned in proper order on the CD but two of the tracks (track 2 and track 11) had no sound on them whatsoever. The two missing tracks were each the proper length on the CD, just as if they had been recorded properly and placed properly on the CD. They just had no sound other than slight static on them however. All other tracks sounded fine.

Does anyone have any idea what could have caused this? I used the defaults for Burnaware and there are no settings that I could find in Burnaware that I would think would cause this problem. I played the .wav files for the missing tracks in the compilation and they sounded fine. They were clearly there and were valid input files for Burnaware, they just didn’t apparently get written to the CD properly by Burnaware.

Does anyone have any idea what could be going on here and how I can resolve it? Do I have to try yet another burning program to find one that will properly write a music CD? I am using Vista Home Premium by the way and my input files are all in .wav format converted from .flac format.

Thanks for any help.