Several quality scanning questions

just got my new cdrw which supports quality scanning so got some questions,
its a liteon drive what is more reliable to use nero cd/dvd speed or kprobe?
whats the optimal scan speed for cdr? or should i use the same speed the media was burnt with?
in kprobe whats better to use aspi or spti? i think aspi ive compared it to spti and aspi was everytime bit better (about 5-15 less c1)

CD Speed and KProbe both report essentially the same numbers- they query the drive and plot the answers given. It’s a matter of taste, really. I prefer KProbe for CD’s because I have more control over the way the information is displayed (e.g. I prefer to use semilogarithmic plots with C1 and C2 combined on a single chart).

As to scanning speeds, I usually scan at max. speed because that is how one usually accesses the data on a CD. The C1/C2 counts don’t vary much with speed- a lot less than PI/PIF counts on DVD’s in any case.

I use ASPI, mainly because of inertia. It’s worked from day 1, and “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it”.


thanks for the info :bigsmile:

makes sense but on all cdrlab reviews i seen they scanned cdrs at 32x
which makes me wonder if thats a better choice then max and gives more accurate results

Scanning CDs at max is deffinitely the toughest test to pass, errors are generally higher the faster you scan. Some drives will have minor glitches at max speed, PUH slippage, and other little quirks that make the scans come out a bit odd. I generally scan at 40x, since the results are very close to max, and my drive seems to behave a bit better.

It’s really personal choice, but remember that lower speed means a better scan so take the results with a grain of salt. Whatever you do, be sure to do it consistantly, and don’t compare scans done at different speeds. Also don’t compare scans done in different drives, expecially DVD burners.

I have tried to get Kprobe 2.4.3 to do a quality scan with my new BenQ 1640, but it doesn’t seem to want to do that. I was hoping to use the software because I found a section that had some clear indication on what range constitutes a good quality burn. Under 280 PI MAX and under 32 PI MAX. That seemed totally easy to understand and I was thinking I could easily compare results.

But since that does not work, I’m looking at CD-DVD Speed. Problem is, I don’t understand how to interpret the results.

Can someone provide me a link to a specific post that explains this? Like a picture of the summary screen followed by something like “This value means this and should be in this range to mean a quality burn”?