Several Problems with DVDfab


I have DVDFab Platinum 2972. I recently tried to make a backup copy of King Kong using DVDFAb Express 2975, burned with Nero 7 and running Win XP Pro.

I used TDK -R disks. The movie played fine until Chapter 25 then it jumped back to Chapter 3 I forwarded to the chapter it was on prior to it jumping, from that point on it seemed to have a lot of “pixilation” during many scenes and it also tended to bounce up and down during many scenes.
Any help is appreciated.

Added notes: During burn process I have Nortons AV, running and I also had AnyDVD running, I forgot to shut it off and I am not sure this is a problem or not. I also burned the disk at 8X which is the rated speed of the TDK disks.

Please help this has happened to me the last 5 DVD’s I have tried to back up.

Wow that was the last movie i tried to copy with DVDFAB Platinum with no luck. I am using the TDK discs also accept +R. I am unhappy with the software so far I hope we can get some help here. Most of the guys in here seem very knowledgable but expect you to do alot of reading before they will help. I have done the reading just the understanding part LOL. Anyway hope you get help good luck I will be watching this thread too.

Hi Guys…I also have DVDFAB platinum. I use express mostly and copy just main movie and sound. I have been copying mostly older movies ( 2 years and older). I have not had to many problems, but the software has some quirks. Hang in there any continue to post with your problems.

Programs running in the background such as Nortons and other decrypting programs can cause conflicts. Also most have better success with main movie only. They tend to hide some anti shrink sectors in extras that expand instead of shrinking.


I guess I forgot to mention, I am copying only the “main movie”

Hi Corvette_44,

I don’t think you can burn this flick to a SL without a lethal hit on quality, especially since it is so “video rich”; the file size is huge and the difference between complete disc vs. main movie, is just not significant.

Express, complete disc = 7.59 GB, to a SL = 52% compression; whereas main movie to a SL = 53% compression…not much of a net gain here.

While complete disc is a potential problem with express and recent releases (as Mack pointed out), you never really know until someone tries it. Sony releases seem to be the most predisposed to this…with fab anyway.

BTW, I did express - complete disc bkup with KK to a DL…no problem… :cool:

Hi Maineman

Thanks for the info, I appreciate it. It was not so much the quality of the burned DVD, my biggest concern was that the DVD went from a chapter 1/2 way through the movie back to chapter 3 for no reason I can figure out. I realize that quality will not be as good as burning to a DL, but I was not expecting the chapter jump nor the scenes bouncing up & down like a vibrator. If it were just the occasional pixelation that would be more than acceptable. Any thoughts on why the chapter jump happened?

Thanks again

From what I’ve read here, makes me think it’s not really a DVDFab issue, but possibly some type of conflict or a bad batch of discs and possibly burn speed. I made a backup of King Kong using DVDFab Decrypter/DVD Shrink burning at 4x, with Shrink utilizing deep analysis and maximum smoothness, as it was a flawless backup. If any DVDFab products are giving you trouble with backups, another combination you could use is AnyDVD/DVD Decrypter.

Thanks for your suggestion, I appreciate it. I am not familiar with DVD Decrypter, do you know where I may be able to find this and also a manual on how it works?
Thanks again

fab or dvdd will rip king kong fine, then use DA with shrink on the files and AEC then wait forever for it to finish, or just use shrink to rip into 2 parts, wham bam thankyou mam

dmp31’s comments certainly make sense. However, although the copy protection-disc structure issues of jumping, freezing, poor or failed navigation (player remote and disc menu) that we’ve seen are primarily in complete disc mode on certain recent releases, we have seen this occur in main movie mode, although to a lesser extent.

@dmp31, how much did you actually compress KK?

Dvdd, as rbrtpl said, will do a great job. Dvdd in combination with Img, is simply the best for DL burns. We’re hoping to hear from portmac soon re: VSO’s remedy of the LB issues with fab. The quality of the bkup with fab is excellent, unfortunately it has the persistent trouble with the LB.

Anyway, dvdd has been defunct (no longer developed) since about 04/05. There still are some active download sites around; a google search should do it.

Here are dvdd guides, courtesy of Cynthia…they are outstanding!

and for Img,

active dl site:

Img guide, again by Cynthia:

If you have trouble finding dvdd, let me know.

Hope this helps.

Hi Maineman
Again thank you for your help & information. Since DVD Decrypter is no longer supported, does this still have the ability to remove the modern encryption currently being used by companys such as Sony?

I will do a search for DYD Decrypter.

No, it doesn’t, sorry I didn’t explain that better earlier. If I choose not to use fab for some reason, I use dvdd in combination with AnyDVD and then burn with Img (still deveolped by Lightning UK, who also developed dvdd).


Hi Maineman

No need to appologize you have been very helpful and I am sorry to keep bugging you with additional questions. I have AnyDVD and I found DVD Decrypter and downloaded it. I will give that combination a try, but this leads me to another question, I use Nero 7 to burn my DVD’s, would it be better to use IMG versus Nero, if so, can you explain why?

Normally I use DVDFab to create files of “main movie” on my hard drive then I burn then using Nero to create a video disk. I always burn at 8X speed, do you think that has something to do with my problems?

Thanks again for your patience and help.

If you use AnyDVD and DVD Decrypter, then you can use the burn app within DVD Decrypter ( same author as IMGBurn ) or you can use IMGBurn seperately. You should get good results either way. I personally use 8x media for most of my backups, but almost always burn at 2.4x-4x and nothing higher when using 16x. When using AnyDVD in conjunction with DVD Decrypter, make sure you have the settings in DVD Decrypter set correctly. under the general tab uncheck the box (Check For Structure Protection).Under the I/O tab check (ElbyCDIO-Elaborate Bytes). Under the File Mode tab, uncheck (Remove IFO Structure Protection). Under IFO Mode, uncheck(Remove Structure Protection). Under ISO Read Mode, uncheck(Remove IFO Structure Protection). Under the CSS tab, CSS Cracking Method, check(none). If you choose to use DVD Decrypter to burn the dvd video files, with AnyDVD running, insert the dvd and let AnyDVD do it’s thing, then open up DVD Decrypter to ISO Read Mode and click decrypt. And when you’re ready to burn the files, open DVD Decrypter up in ISO Write Mode, and select the folder to where you saved the dvd files to and click burn and within minutes you should have a full disc backup of basically any legit DVD movie. It may or may not seem like a hassle, but it works very well. I use that combination when I have trouble with DVDFab Express. Hopefully this will help you. If Anyone else can add to what I’ve said…please, feel free to do so.

Hi Dmp31

Thank you for the instructions on how to setup DVD Decrypter, I appreciate it. :bow:

This brings me to another question, sorry about that :o

My question is, when I save the DVD files to my hard drive this will be too big to burn to a sinngle layer DVD. With DVDfab you are able to just burn “main movie” and select the type of audio you want, what do you suggest?

I am just thinking out loud, but after using DVD Decrypter to create files, can I then use DVDfab Express to create file which make up the main movie only??

Again, sorry for questions that must be rather stupid sounding, but I do appreciate all the help everyone has been. :bow:

I look forward to hearing from you.

Like a lot of folks…probably, I couldn’t log on to the forum for the last 1 1/2 days, or so.

Nice job on the walk-through. One very minor note, Under the I/O tab, if using XP as an OS, SPTI-microsoft is ok as well as ElbyCDIO-Elaborate Bytes. I know that 98 se and previous, requires ElbyCDIO, however.

@Corvette_44, you’re certainly not stupid, and neither are your questions. I wish I could say the same about some of my answers… :doh: :bigsmile:

You can’t beat fab for SL burning, express does a great job and it’s soooo freakin’ easy. For SL burns, I use it almost exclusively. If I encounter a failure then I will try something else. As far as ripping with dvdd, fab won’t burn from an ISO file. You can modify the files with vobBlanker, etc., or use shrink to burn to an SL. You can also rip a main movie (DL) with express (no compression or use gold), convert to ISO and then burn with dvdd or Img. There are lots of possibilities. Another possibilty is DVDFab Decrypter. There’s a guide, again, courtesy of Cynthia, right here.

I’m guessing that we may see the improvements with the LB , along with the new, eagerly awaited, version 3.*** of fab. I hope it’s not too far off… :wink: