Several newbie questions regarding DVD burning

I’m a total noob when it comes to dvd-burnes, that is why I ask if someone could help me with some of my questions.

  1. First of all, does anyone have a link or something where I can read about all those different things like dvd-ram, dvd +r -r and what they mean?

  2. You can get a dvd-box where you can inset your internal dvd-burner so you can take it with you and use it on your labtop etc. Does anyone know if this works as good as an external one does?

  3. Will dual layer be the future? :slight_smile:

Hope someone can help me
Thx in regards


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Can someone answer a couple of questions i have please?

Can DVD+R (4x) discs only be burnt at a maximum of 4x or is this just the recomended speed?

How can i easily find out what speed my drive is capable of burning at?

ok dvd+R x4 can be burned faster then that but some of them are just crap so dont but if you want to burn faster just buy afew dif one’s like one sony and the other some no band name thing and see witch one you can burn and to see the speed ur burn can burn at just open nero or what you use and chanage the speed it will have your max speed in there

  1. 4X discs can be burnt at 8X. But to do so, it will probably require that you flash your DVD burner with a “modified” firmware. Also, those discs must be supported by the firmware. You may flash all you want but if it’s not supported, you’ll probably still be stuck at 4X. Caution: flashing your drive with UNOFFICIAL firmware from your manufacturer will probably VOID your warranty.

  2. You could list the model of your DVD burner–that might help. :slight_smile:

Heres one
Try going through the various forums and reading some of the read first posts at the top. there are lots of newbie guides and such.