Several new NEC firmwares for 3520, 3540 and 4550 drives

I was quite busy during the last few days (and nights) updating Binflash to support for ND4550A drives and modifying some firmwares.

The following firmwares have been added
NEC ND4550A firmware - 1.06, 1.06 with bitsetting patch and 1.27
NEC ND3520A firmware - 3.06 and 3.06 with bitsetting patch
NEC ND3540A firmware - 1.f1

Big thanks go out to TDB for their help with the checksum routine on 4550 drives and to Dee for testing the 4550 support in Binflash and a lot of testing with my modified 4550 firmwares until bitsetting finally worked.

Be sure to always download the latest firmware flasher and firmwares in case bugs needed to be fixed!

who are responsible of necdump , because this program not support the firmwares of nec nd-4550. The program have to is update

You need to ask Quikee. Riplock patch on some firmwares probably won’t be recognized either since I’m using a different approach now.

Thanks for all your hard work Liggy/Dee/TDB. :clap: :flower:

Many thanks for all the hard work - I only use NEC drives now because of the array of firmware “updates” :slight_smile:

Thanks! :clap: :stuck_out_tongue:

Liggy: What was the trick with the checksum then ?

If I use this 1.f1 will my drive become a maddog drive, or did you patch that away?

And thanks for the efforts.

Another thanks from me :bow: :flower: :clap:

The drive will be named Mad Dog with this version.

What difference could that possibly make? I don’t understand. Who cares what the name of the drive is

You are correct, it makes no difference at all. :slight_smile:

The name of my 3540A could as well be “Alice in Wonderland” if the firmware is good :bigsmile:

strategies numbers of maddog look earlier than 1.03.
dont see a reason to downgrade.
and that bitsetting stuff is just for old standalones right?

The outer sum is the same as before, the inner sum only has partial coverage. We’ll post the code where you can access it.

Brother Vlad

Some people out there have burning software (such as Nero) which came with their DVD burner, and will only work with that brand of burner. If you change the name string in the firmware on the drive, the software may refuse to work. This is NOT true for any retail version of Nero, only for some versions which were distributed with a particular burner.

Good point! There are also other burning programs that only support drives properly according to drive string ID ( eg RecordNow).

Greetz to TheDangerousBros!

Woot Woot

Is there any news on firmware updates for the 3530? or is it now advisable to convert the 3530 to a 3540 to take advantage of the latest firmwares?

I do not have any problems with the drive, but like to keep up to date.

Also, like the others, I very much appreciate all the hard work, Thanks.

hey quickee how about 10 firmwares in the 10 hours again like the old days?