Several movies to a DVD R

How can i fit several movies to a DVD. I have several VCD which i want to burn to DVD, let say 3 movies to a 4.7 G DVD?

Nerovision Express will allow this, I did the same once with some heavily compressed dvd files.

How did u do it, i tried creating it but i can only fit 1 or 2 movies. How do i compress it.

you could load each individual movie in shrink and compress down to lowest levels.

Better use TSUNAMI-MPEG DVD Author PRO. It is the best solution

I use svcd2dvd It converts my vcds to dvd in 20 minutes because it doesn’t re-encode the video only the audio. It also allows a menu. It’s not free but it’s the best program i’ve ever bought. Try the demo to see what i mean.