Several media questions

  1. Is there a Use by date for CD/DVD Media??

  2. RIDATA are “B” Grade RITEK’s!
    Somebody posted that on another forum? Is that true?

  3. I need some info on the best value -RW for Quality as well as Price? How many times can these be re-written seriously!?

I took the liberty of combining your 3 separate threads into one.

  1. no, but it should be stored in a cool, dry , dark place.

  2. Some people think that all Ritek are “B” grade, but in fact the A-B designations don’t really mean anything. Ritek is made to OEM specs, so different brands may be different quality.

  3. Never buy cheap RW media.

Is there a Use by date for CD/DVD Media??

Around 2001, I bought a pack of Office Depot CD-R blanks which ATIP says are “Multi Media Masters”. Late last year, I couldn’t burn the blanks I had left anymore so into the trash they went :frowning: . Therefore, I’d guess about a year at the most for the crappier brands if they use the green cyanine dye. This is going back a few years, though, so I don’t know if Office Depot has switched technologies of manufacturers since then. Also, they may not have been stored in the coolest spot in the house so it may have decayed faster than average.

My Taiyo Yudens, Mitsui Gold, and Kodak Ultimas are still burnable to this day :bigsmile:

Unfortunately the latter two are no longer available :frowning:

For #2. I use “RiData” G04’s and they burn better then some that I’ve seen sold as Ritek G04’s. So no, they aren’t a different “grade”.
Don’t use this as a measuring stick to buy them though, Ritek media can vary from batch to batch and my particular batch is 2 months old.