Several host Volumes can be cached with one SSD Volume

I have a problem with their product. In the description of the version of “Personal Edition”, Several host Volumes can be cached with one SSD Volume. But if I want to do that is in the program: “Use a higher edition to add more cache.” What am I doing wrong?

Please excuse my English.

the software comes in different editions. For an overview please look here:

Trial and personal edition are limited to 1 cached volume.
Btw. 20.3.2013 is release date for the big update we announced several times.

Why is not the products or buy? Where it belongs matrimonial! Why is this table not directly accessible via the main page?

Your program is really great, but that is not clear and confusing. If I’d known, I would have still got the other. But I understand a little about me off my ear! Since you can not upgrade to the Professional Edition (here I have to still pay the full sum times). Addition is indeed under Buy / Personal Edition, the more you (more than one) partitions are hosted.

Sorry but it’s not and for my bad english