Several Divx on DVD on the fly... How?



Hi everyone (is been a long time since I last posted on the forum, but I read it every now and then).

Well, to the point:

I have “some” Divx burned on CD’s that I want to burn on DVD’s for them to be able to be viewed on a X-Box. The thing is that I don’t want to copy them to the HDD and burn them to the blank DVD, I want to copy them on the fly, if posible, in one session, like on audio CD’s “track at once”, inserting one Divx CD, and when that CD is copied, change it and be able to continue with the same session with the next divx (going like that with 6 CD’s). I want a program that asks me to change CD for continuing the burn process.

Is it possible? Do you guys know of any program capable of doing what I want? I don’t want to make a multisession DVD because I think that the X-box won’t be able to read it, and because probably the end and start session will “eat” some precious storage space and 6 divx won’t fit on a single DVD.

Please, if any of you know, don’t keep it secret! :wink:

Thank you very much.


interestin thread, curious what people have to say about it.

on the fly …is from what i know…a bit to much…

but the easiest thinh to get is DVD2SVCD…in combination with CCE or TMPGenc…and a authoring program.
(don’t let the 2SVCD mislead you…this tool does a lot more)

it can proces avi’s to dvd in batch process. But you still do need to do a bit authoring to get a small menu to chose the movie you want to play.


Hey, thanks for the answer :bigsmile:.

I don’t really need an authoring program, because I only need the files stored in the DVD just like they are, in their original format. From the X-Box, loaded with other S.O., I can play the files like you would on BsPlayer, or even Windows Media Player, just browsing and selecting. That’s all I need. I won’t only play them there, but also in my PC. X-Box grabs my attention because its divx reproductor is really good, the best I’ve seen.

The fact is that I’m gonna do a massive burning, and that’s why I don’t want to store de files on my HDD. I’m talking about hundreds of Divx. I only want steam on the burner and Lite-On DVD player, let’s let the HDD rest quietly!

Again thank you very much for your answer, I don’t know about the programs you posted, so I will check them out anyway :).


Hello, you are welcome

if de xbox plays divx with a media player…just burn them with NERO as data dvd.
Just add as many divx’s as fit on the dvd…and burn it.

No need to do all of the above…
(but you need to copy them to hdd first…but i will look if it can be done differently)


there’s no way to do what u want to do. all files have to be “present” at the source when the dvd is being burned, and it’s impossible to pause a burn in the middle like that to wait for a new source file and a new addition to the TOC. ur only two options are to use multisession or copy the divx movies to ur hard drive and burn them from there.


(but you need to copy them to hdd first…but i will look if it can be done differently)

Hi again damiandimitry and thanks.

That’s just the point, I looking for a way to do so “on the fly” fron different CD’s to one session data-DVD

AZImmortal, but in an Audio CD, TAO method allows you to so something similar, or that’s what I’ve heard, isn’t it?

Or you mean that they must be present because the lead in must know what is to be burned… mmm… That would make sense. I’ll wait to see what you guys have to say :p.


TAO has nothing to do with this; it’s not like u can put in one audio cd, burn one track off of it, then put in another audio cd, burn another track off of that, etc.


But in TAO yu can burn tracks from different CD’s swiching them. You first make the cue sheet inserting the CD’s and adding the files, and after that the program asks you to insert the correct CD for the tracks. I’m looking forward to do something like that with 6 Divx on a DVD.

Is it not possible in some strange way?