Several attributes in Vorbis comments?



Hello everyone!

On the official specifications for Vorbis Comments it says, I think, that if you would like to specify, for example, more than one composer, you could add two composer tags! Thus:

COMPOSER=“Guy Number Two”

However, I can find no software that allows me to specify more than one field with the same name for Vorbis Comments. If a software prompts me to separate different values for one tag with a semi-colon ; I can’t be sure if it’s actually adding two tags or simply writing a value “Composer 1; Composer 2” to ONE and the same composer tag.

You’d want to specify several genres and performers as well, not only composers.

Does anybody know if this can be done using Foobar or Tag&Rename, or can anybody point me to some other programme which can do this?

Thanks a lot!




I’m not sure what they mean by that because ogg vorbis files follow the id3 tag specifications
and id3 only shows one composer field, though how much information you add into it is your
and which exact id3 tagging standard you are following. (id3V1, id3V2, id3V2.3, etc…)

Oh and on a completely different subject “unicode” confuses the artist/track display on
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What tagging program are you using?

I’m using TagScanner 5.1 build600 (available @ cnetdownloads, filehippo and elsewhere),
but I don’t work with ogg files. so I don’t really know what to tell you except try a different tagger program and see what fields are available and how much information you can stuff into the available fields.

As I recall there are somewhere on the high side of 150 characters available in the “composer” field

Good luck and let me (and the rest of us) know what you find out.



No, Vorbis Comments are a wholly different thing from ID3 tags. The point with Vorbis Comments is you make the attributes up yourself, and you can add more than one instance of the same attribute, for example COMPOSER. While ID3 tags have very strict rules and chiefly pre-defined fields, although there is some room for customisation, Vorbis Comments are entirely customisable.

However, most programmes made for tagging MP3 files don’t seem to care very much to make use of the full power of Vorbis Comments. In an MP3 tag (ID3) there is only one COMPOSER field, so the programme will only display the pre-defined ID3 fields because most people only care about using ID3 tags.

I’m using Tag&Rename 3.5.7 and it is very good, save for the fact that you can’t specify your own tag fields.

I have tried many programmes. The one which got closest to doing what I wanted was MetatOGGer, but it didn’t let me add more than one field with the same name.

I guess I’ll have to try a command line tagger next!


I don’t use ogg vorbis, I use flac and it uses vorbis comments for it’s tagging…That being said, f2k will let you edit your metadata fields and add [I]additional[/I] fields…
Import track(s) > right-click track>Properties>Metadata>Tools> Add new Field
Hope that helps…