Hi, Can Anyone Help! I Loaded The New Update AnyDVD 4581 And On Reboot My Computer Just Kept On “Rebooting”, I Have Never Had This Happen To Me Before When Updating, I Had To Re-Start Up In Safe Mode To Rollback For My Computer To Go Back To Normal…Could Anyone Help Please! Cheers!

Microsoft Windows XP Pro
Sevice Pack 2
AMD Athlon™ XP 1700+
1.47 GHz. 512 MB Of Ram

try the newest version which is

Ok I Shall Give It A Go, Thank You For The Reply.

Help! Still Happening When I Click on the Fox Icon My Computer Reboots, I Have Un-installed All My Spy-ware Ad-ware Programs and It Still Keeps on Rebooting Does Anyone Have A Clue What Is Going Wrong?

AnyDVD is a .dll and it sounds like you are having a conflict I would suggest contacting SlySoft support and tell them the problem make sure to tell them the configuration of your PC.

I Have Now Emailes Slysoft About The Problem, I Will Keep You Informed, Thank You For Your Help! ISS

glad to help, BTW welcome to CDFreaks.

It sounds like you have your computer set to reboot on system failure. Try disabling this (Control Panel/System/Advanced/Startup and Recovery/Settings/System Failure/Automatically Restart) and see if you get an error message this time.

Hi, Did What You Suggested, Everything Was Going Smooth! UNTILL Click on the Fox and you yes guessed it Turned off GRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! But Then This Message Came Up On A Blue Screen! It Read:

A Problem Has Been Detected and Windows Has Been Shut Down To Prevent Damage to Your Computer, Driver_IRQL_Not Less or Equal
If This Is the First Time you’ve Seen This Error Screen Restart Your Computer, If This Screen Appears Again Follow These Steps.
Check To Make Sure Any New Hardware Or Software Is Properly Installed, If This Is A New Installation Ask Your Hardware Or Software Manufacturer For Any New Windows Updates You Might Need, If Problems Continue Disable Or Remove Any New Installed Hardware Or Software, Disable Bios Memory Options Such As Caching Or Shadowing,
Then It Starts To Tell Me How to Start Up In Safe Mode,

Technical Information
***Stop: 0X000000D1 (0X07387C1D, 0X00000007, 0X00000000, 0XF848845A)
***PNP68oR,Sys-Address F848845A Base At F8480000, Datestamp 3c1e4193, Beginning Memory Dump Complete. Contact Your System Administator Or Technical Suport Group For Further Assstance.

Any Clue’s ???

Thanks For The Idea, Cheers!

Software conflict with AnyDVD. Download ENDITALL and run ENDITALL PRIOR to launching AnyDVD.

AnyDVD should work if you CLEAN INSTALL windows, then add AnyDVD. You can add other software, one at a time AFTER AnyDVD, reboot, and check for problem.

Firstly i know this is an old post but its relevent

same error message latest clonedvd \anydvd first it happend with anydvd then clonedvd just rebooted over and over…
I have tracked the problem down to a raid controller\driver for a silicon image ultra 133 ata raid card\driver
when i go into device manager and delate the raid controller everything is fine till i reboot and its reset…
the drivers i have seem to be the latest and gave me no problem with either clonedvd or anydvd before and if i put in an older version of these programs they work fine…
although the original poster seems to have had this problem a year back

does anyone have a solution other than taking out the ide card or going back to earler versions of clone and anydvd…

Driver that is in the error message is here

You can try to enable AnyDVD’s “Safe Mode” in its settings.

Yes tried that but the problem seems to be with clonedvd now
wish i had started a new post in clonedvd forum but found this post through search and it is relevent to my problem…

Dont matter now as im about to build another computer in the near future…
So for now i have just to disable the ide card\driver while i use clonedvd
Never hardly use it anyway its just for testing and doing the odd disc as i have enough other dvd drives…