Setup software for HP 8100i

i’m trying to upgrade my 8100i firmware with the sony crx 10n firmware hacked for hp 8100i. the update.exe program says it needs cdrdll.dll (i think) which i dont have. i believe its found on the cd that came with the writer. however i’ve lost my cd and have been completely unable to find any shred of the software/drivers that came with the writer online.

so anyone know where i can get drivers/software for my writer so that i can update the firmware?


If you give me an adress, I`ll drop all you need in your mailbox…

great thanks…


I have the same problem as above. I’ve lost the disc with my cd writer software.
What shall I do?

You want the flashproggie + firmware ?

Well I have the firmware 8100-10g.
I bought my 8100i when I had win 98 installed. Now I have upgraded to XP but I have lost my installdisc so when I ran the firmware I got the errormessage:
‘Unable to detect CD-writer Plus Software which includes support files required by this program’

I really don’t know what to do…


I you have some files I can use then I would be really happy to have them
My email is:


…hi guys!

i have definitely the same problem as HateHp!!!
i upgraded to xp and now the 8100 plus is not longer
able to write 80 min discs!

i hope somebody could help me and come up with a solution…! :bow:

i am looking forward to hear from you…! :bigsmile:

best regards pegaso99


My HP 8100i doesn’t want to befriend WindowsXP. WindowsXP only sees the 8100i as a CDRom drive instead of a CDRW. Does anyone know of a solution to stop this bickering?

If there are any files, drivers, or programs that can help me out, please email them to

Much appreciated,

pretty sure you dont need that file installed.

Back when i had 98 i didn’t use the hp burner software (infact never installed it). I was able to upgrade my 8100i to the 1.0g software (to enable 80 minute burns on 98) just fine without any modification

no reason you would require a certain file to update the firmware (aside from the flash software and the firmware binary file)