Setup is Starting Windows Freezes

I have this very old Compaq Presario 1235. It had WinXP Pro but when i turned it on, it said it could not not start and gives me a selection of Start Windows Normally, Last Known Good Configuration, etc. I tried all of them and the screen just turns black and freezes. No HD sound or anything. So a few days ago, i found the UBCD4Win and downloaded it. I built it and burned the iso. I booted the disk on the laptop and used Derik’s Boot and Nuke to clean the HD. Now when i boot the cpu, it says no os found, which is what i wanted. Now I am trying to use my WinXP Pro with SP2 disk to install. It loads all the drivers up and then freezes on Setup is Starting Windows. I googled this error and found this on a different site.

I went to a different site and quickly found a solution to the windows setup issue.

If you Hit F5 at the screen where it says f6 for raid drivers,f2 for recovery, it gives you an option you can select which will make the install work… weird, but it worked for me. So now I am going to try to throw a new windows install right over my old one. If that dont work, ill format my windows partition, and try again. The fact that I can install windows on the drive leads me to believe I got a virus, or my windows install got corrupted somehow, as opposed to hdd failure.


I tried it and it gives me a selection of:
ACPI Multiprocessor PC
ACPI Uniprocessor PC
Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) PC
Compaq SystemPro Multiprocessor or 100% Compatible
MPS Uniprocessor PC
MPS Multiprocessor PC
Standard PC
Standard PC with C-STep i486

The only one i tired is Standard PC, which gave me the same results. Any suggestions