Setup help!

Hi guys,

I recently bought a nec 2510a, but I am having some troubles burning cd’s

I was just wondering what dma mode it should be put it,

I currently have the choice of

multi-word dma 0
multi-word dma 1
multi-word dma 2
ultra dma 0
ultra dma 1
ultra dma 2 - ultra 33

it is on let bios choose, which happens to be multi-word dma 2

But on my last computer all I did was have pio, and dma if available so this is a little more confusing

what is the best option?

You have to set up “DMA if available”; be sure it activates “Ultra DMA 2”.
PS: What OS are you using? “Let BIOS choose” sounds a little strange to me!

ultra dma 2 - ultra 33 is the best option

when i let Winxp auto select its sets my 2510a as this !

I am using windows xp

its a brand new system and motherboard, hence why all the crazy options I think

I will try ultra dma 2