Setup for on-the-fly copies? (3520a + LiteOn 812s)

I recently upgraded from LiteOn 812s to NEC 3520a, Instead of letting the 812s site idly by I added it back into my config and have the 2 drives setup as:

P.Master- 200gb HD
P.Slave- NEC 3520a
S.Master- 200gb HD
S.Slave- LiteOn 812s

Can anyone please suggest a good on-the-fly copy setup? I’m not looking to copy/backup Movies, only Data-DVDs. I have Nero but when I try the DVD-to-DVD copy option, ‘on-the-fly’ checkbox is grayed out (as if it wants a Move DVD only).


If you select the same source drive and destination drive the option will be greyed out. Try selecting the other DVD drive from the source drive drop down menu below the option for on the fly copying.

I would also suggest putting the 2 HD’s on the primary and the 2 dvd’s on the secondary channel… good luck

Cool, on-the-fly is working…Thanks metapy, that did the trick.

clsA, unfortunately my PC won’t accept my HDs as anything other than Masters (yes, I’ve tried EVERY combination and have updated the firmware. Still won’t play nice)…So the ONLY way I could get the 2HDs and 2DVDs working was to set it up as described…But all is working well so far so no complaints here.