Setup.exe has stopped working



Hello !
After installation of Windows 10 1511.
When I try to run an ISO image, I receive this message : setup.exe has stopped working
and close the program.
Also I was receiving the error :Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper has stopped working.
How can I fix these problems ?
Thanks you in advance!


It is a little too little to go on as I can not figure out which Setup gets corrupted, but I assume it is the setup found on the ISO that fails to start.

It could be a number of reasons, including a bad image. Did you try other images to rule out that this is the reason?


I installed Windows 10 Pro [B][I]fresh copy[/I][/B] , for first time same ISO image , it is work very good.
I tried other ISO images to eliminate suspicions, same error.
I tried with Daemon Tools, Power ISO,Explorer Drive Tools,WinCDEmu same error.
[B][I]I assume that an upgrade is not working OK,conflict something,but I do not have installation errors.[/I][/B]