Setup errors running copied GTA3

hey there.

a friend and I bought a copy of GTA3 and are having troubles making a backup of it.

whenever I run setup it opens up a command window stating “Program too big to fit in memory”.

has anyone experienced this before? is there a work around similar to running Daemon Tools in the backgroud which emulates the copy protection?


which program and which drive do you use??

and why do you want something else then daemon tools??

GTA3 contains SafeDisk v3 copy protection… THIS IS REALLY HARD TO BYPASS even with daemon tools because safedisk v3 embeds the copy protection code into the game exe… When the game starts, it will check the authenticity of the disk… If it’s burned it won’t work unless you get a illegal no-cd crack which will modify gta3.exe and remove all the safedisk v3 code in the exe and then it will run with a burned cd… Is the error your getting using the original cd??? You should always install with the original cd…

safedisk 3…mmm…it wasn’t a problem on my lite-on

whitout a patched…exe

the game has SD 2.51.021 protecion not v3.

like damiandimitri said, a ‘2 sheep’ burner (that writes emf bit patterns perfectly eg: liteon, asus…) will back up this games like a hot knife through butter :slight_smile:

yeah I’m not sure what the deal is.

I’m seeing him on Monday so will figure out how he tried to burn it then.

it just seems weird that it’d bring up such an error as “Program too big to fit in memory” when running the setup.exe. there are no other executables on the cd either. hmm.

thanks for the info ppls.


just to confirm, this error only happens when u try to install of the copieed cd not the original

perhaps a small pagefile - lack of ram? just hazarding a guess.

nah it turns out his cdr can’t do the EFM thang, oh well.

is there an answer for ppl who don’t own cdr’s which can fully write EFM? surely not everyone in the entire world owns a Lite-On cdr! :confused:

i’m going to copy it tonight on my burner (which also doesn’t support EFM) and see if running Daemon Tools in the background will fix any SafeDisc errors.