Setup clone-cd in windows xp

Every time i try to install clone-cd (latest version) i get the error
“config.nt. system file not suitable for ms-dos and windows aplications”, then it closes clone-cd setup. anyone with a solution? :confused:

What version of XP are you using Pro or Home Edition ?

Are you logged on as an ADMIN ?

Have you made a CLEAN install of XP or did you install it on top of another operating system ( NEVER do that ) like Windows 2000 ?

Logged on as admin, did an upgrade from windows me, got the xp-pro edition- corp version. Everything else works fine, just cannot install clone-cd

OK …

Sorry about this but it’s THE only way to go …

Do a clean install of Win XP pro and all your problems should go away !

Do a format c:\ … and then boot from the CD and install from there … I did and so did a lot of others I know and we don’t have ANY install problems with WIN XP and CloneCD !


NEVER EVER do operating system upgrades from one type of operating system to another type, even though they come from the same company.It’s simply asking for trouble ! :rolleyes:

what are the last lines in your config.nt, this is where the problem is. clone cd setup is not qualified as an windows application???

mine are

dos=high, umb

the rest are rem lines.

config.nt is located in system32 dir.

thx upfront

dos=high, umb

is the content of my config.nt file


What version of CloneCD are you trying to install ?

the latest,

your config.nt seems to be the same as mine, doing a clean install will be my last resort, the one i’m not going to do unless there are no more options left, i hope somebody else has a brilliant idea. thx sofar