Setup and Bin File

I hope i’m in the right place for this but i’m stund on this one for sure. I don’t know what the file is cause i downloaded a lot today but i think it’s a game. After downloading and unzipping it there was a setup file and a setup1 bin file so how should i get this game to run? All other files i downloaded and they had a bin file n it there was always a cue file but not this one so i’m just tring to find out what to do cause it’s a large file and after getting it open no telling how big it will be then so should i burn both files to a cd or dvd or try and run the setup file? Someone try and help with this soon if you can cause i’m very busy with work and all.

Well, obviously we can’t help you if you don’t give us any information as to what type this “game file” is: for example whether it is for PC, Mac, console (PS2/3, etc).

So you might find our efforts to help will be dictated by your ability to supply this useful information to us.