Setuo HD to receive CloneDVD 2

In all 3 options of CloneDVD it has a bar to enter DVD Video Files.
How do I setup my “C” drive that CloneDVD will install the output of a movie I am trying to copy? I am useing Xp and have AnyDVD also installed.
Also how do I know if CloneDVD is working to accept my file?

You are so right. You have to browse to where the file is :wink:

That is the problem, there are no files installed. How do I setup to receive the output of CloneDVD

Can someone that uses CloneDVD tell me how their hard drive files are setup to receive the output of a movie I am trying to copy with CloneDVD 2?

Please look at the attached as it is a step by step guide for using your program.

What version of CloneDVD are you using and welcome to CDF.

Are you talking about a temp file location, or do you wish to create a folder on your hard drive to store DVD files?

Creager -

When all else fails maybe reading the “Directions” might prove to be beneficial?

The “Directions” for the CloneDVD2 software program are located by clicking on the “Help” icon located in top right-hand corner of the CloneDVD2 page.

It appears that you have forgotten that on 26 September 06 you asked Forum Members to provide you with a CloneDVD & AnyDVD User Guide Tutorial, which Forum Member slipstream6 graciously provided.


Belooken, Thank you and the others that replyed.

At that time I did follow directions and it worked fine, but my HD crashed and the is a new attemp to get it up and useable in this new HD.
Have been reading guides, many of them and also the help in CloneDVD. However none will give the steps to actualy setup the path on my HD “C”, A path that the DVD Video Files bar at the start of CloneDVD will accept.

I am running XP, just downloaded the latest verison of both CloneDVD and AnyDVD. Wrote to Slyfox for the keys which was sent by e-mail.

It seems I must have a folder for Video_TS or something like that and I just don’t know how.

Yes, it is true I may have forgotten and it was lost with my HD, that is not I have lost as I was born in 1918.

Please bear with a little, and thank you,

Creager -

It is rather simple. Active AnyDVD software program and ensure the little Red Fox is visible in the lower right hand Task Bar. Then insert a Commercial DVD Movie Title in your Computer DVD Devise. Open the CloneDVD2 v2.9.01 software program and click on the little “Browse” icon located in the top right hand corner of the CloneDVD2 v2.9.01 page and Browse-Navigate to the location of your Computer DVD Devise and Click-Select the VIDEO_TS folder of your Commercial DVD Movie Title that you previously inserted in your Computer DVD Devise. ALL Commercial DVD Movie Titles contain a VIDEO_TS folder. Then proceed with CloneDVD2 backup procedure.

There is nothing complicated and/or unusual with this Browse-Navigate and Click-Select procedure outlined above. This is the typical manner in which ALL Windows Based Software Programs operate.

I hope you have made a backup copy of both your AnyDVD and Clone Registration Keys and burned it to 3 ½ Floppy Disk, CD, and/or DVD and stored them it in safe place in case your computer Hard Drive crashes some time in the future. Safeguarding your Registration Key to removable media is encouraged and highly recommended by SlySoft/Elaborate Bytes. If you have not made backup copy of both your AnyDVD and Clone Registration Keys you should take the time and do so now.


Belooken, Thank you very much.

I am running a NEC DVD_RW ND-3520AW burner with Ridata 8X DVD-R disc.
Your instructions were very good. Only I could not follow the “Browse-Navigate to the location of your Computer DVD Devise and Click-Select the VIDEO_TS” the Click-Select the VIDEO_TS part.

However one the first try I did get a disc to burn to my HD and CloneDVD did copy to a disc. Tried to do it again with no success. Really don’t know what I did wrong. Will it be necessary to go through your instructions with each disc I copy in the future?

Yes, did make copies of the two e-mails, there were no keys as such only –
“To activate a licence, please save the keyfile to your harddisk (to your
desktop for example) and double-click it. After a restart, your product
is unlocked and registered to you” which I did on both e-mails.

Sure hope I am not bugging you to much.
Thanks again for your replys,