Settingup New MOBO with Controler Card and Various HDs

I have an Abit IS7-V2 MOBO wtih SATA channel and 2 ATA100IDE channels.
I have an SI based IDE controler card that supports ATA133.

I have 1 SATA HD, 1 ATA133 HD and 3 ATA100 HDs.

The controler card came with very little in the way of documentation.

The SATA HD will, of course, go on the SATA channel.
A CD-RW will go on one of the MOBO’s IDE channels.
A DVD burner will also be added but that’s down the road.

Should I put the ATA133 HD on one of the CARD’s channels with 2 ATA100 HDs on the Card’s other channel and 1 ATA100 HD on the MOBO’s IDE channel?

Would that allow me to run the ATA133 HD at ATA133 with the other 2 at ATA100?
Or, should I just put all 4 IDE HDs on the CARD?

Would the CARD allow me to “SEE” those three or four HDs as one large HD in my OS regardless of how they’re partitioned? I don’t want to mirror or split-up the data. I just want to add HD space and limiting the # of HDs displayed in “My Computer” would be better than seeing numerous HDs listed for every 20GB partition.

The IDE card instructions detailed installing blank/unformated HDs rather than HDs containing partitions, data and OSs. I’d like to get them all hooked up with fresh OS installs on the SATA HD before moving data, deleting OSs and resizing partitions on the IDE HDs. Three of my IDE HDs have partitions and data, one has OSs and one is blank/unformated.

Thankyou for your help.

Any decent , current, controller can run drives at different UDMA status on the same channel, and in any case, it’s not the drive’s speed that is different, only the interface speed. In other words, the drives will likely read and write at the sames speeds at either ATA100 or ATA133. You can easily benchmark them to see for sure, but to start, see if the card will cooperate and run each drive at it’s rated setting.

If any of these non-SATA drives have an OS on them, you may encounter booting issues, depending on how your BIOS supports boot settings. Some BIOS don’t know the difference between SATA and PCI cards when it comes to booting.

PCI cards needs to have BIOS to be bootable, that not a computer BIOS feature.
By saying that, get a another controller card, SI blows…

I recall reading online when I was shopping for the card that it would support drives of a cosistent ATA rating, meaning that 100 and 133 on the same channel would reduce that channel to 100. That’s why I was thinking of putting only 3 drives on the card.

I thought this card was bootable. I read that SI was better for HDs and ITE was better for opticals. Nevertheless, I intend to boot from the SATA drive on the MOBO’s channel. I want the card to provid plain old hard drives preferrably displaid as one large drive in “My Computer”. How do I go about achieving that rather than having any sort of a RAID or is that RAID0?


My point was that it might not matter whether the drives are running at ATA100 or ATA133, they will probably work the same either way.

In order to have the drives show as one volume, you need RAID. If it’s a RAID card then you’re set, if not then it’s no go. RAID-0 combines the drive volumes, but you need identical drives for it to work right. JBOD also combines the volumes, and identical drives are not needed. Given the demands and risks of RAID, you’re better off to not do that unless you want a mirrored volume, RAID-1, which will reduce your total volume by 1/2 with 2 identical drives.

If you have Windows XP Pro (or 2000 Pro) you can make a software stripe set - one big drive spanned over 4 smaller ones. But seriously… hard drives are cheap. Spend the $50 and buy a new one. :wink: