Just a real quick and basic question…

  1. if i am backing up a DATA cd (like an old game with no copy protection on it or my old win98) then are the only Settings i have to worry about in the Data Read Settings yes or no?

  2. If yes then would it matter if i uncheck or check all the settings in Audio and Error Handling?

What is Error Handling for anyways…
Thank you in advance : ) Cheers:)

  1. Yes
  2. No

Thank you for replying CCD King
So when backing up any data CD you should always have

  1. Read SubChannel Data from Tracks
  2. Regenerate Data Sectors
  3. Lowest Read Speed for BEST and MOST compatible copy

Is this correct?

  1. IF this isnt correct ( im guessing copy protection would maybe cause people to have to choose different settings) Would this be correct then if i was just to backup data CD’s with no copy protection?

Thanks again in Advance for everyone

you should select read subchannels, ignore readerrors (don’t correct them!) and also write everything without correction…
then u get a 1:1 copy of datas with or wtihout prtection in 99%

When you want to back-up unprotected data it’s a bad idea not to correct the errors. When copying unprotected data you should check the “Regenerate data sectors” option on the read process. When the disc is unprotected there’s absolutely no need to read the SubChannels since there aren’t present on the disc. The audio settings also have no effect on the read. When writing you can use the default settings. A low read speed isn’t necessary when the data sectors are regenerated. As long as there are no read errors the disc is read fine. There’s no need to read slower in this case.

  1. What is Fast Error Skip Settings
  2. Should Disabled or Enabled it when backing up a NON protected data CD or a PROTECTED Data CD
  3. What is Intelligent Bad Sectors Scan and same question as #2 goes for this question
    Thanks in Advance again guys!

When you start a read or write process you can right click on a Profile (or create a new one) where you can set the advanced options. The options you mention can all be disabled when you want to create a back=up of a unprotected disc. I suggest you read the CloneCD manual for more information. It’s the best way to learn how to use CloneCD.

First let me start off by saying THANK YOU to G@M3FR3@K and CCDKING and FighterOne for being so kind to help a nub like me. I did read that link you sent me and the other 3 that u have in your signature. That helped me out alot. I was just wondering what would happen if i tried to backup a NON protected Data CD using a profile that was meant for backing up a Protected Game CD or anything like that.
I think it would just be easier to make a General Profile that could be used for Protected Games and Unprotected Data.

save this profile as pod.ccp

[CloneCD ReadPrefs]

[CloneCD WritePrefs]

POD = Plain Old Data