Settings Wanted for copying Colin Mcrae Rally 2

Alright…I have tried to make a working copy of this game, but I just keep getting useless backups. Either the game asks for the CD or it will cause an illegal Operation.

I have tried various CloneCD settings SUBS/Error skips
but I still cant get a working CD.

I believe the protection is similar to SecuROM called DiscGuard.

Prot is SecuROM new and the guard module will check for a CD-R ATIP if played in a burner…play it from a DVD/CD-ROM or use the “Hide CD-R Media” option in the Clone Tray Icon when playing from a burner.

Read max: data subs; Leave Fast Error skip unchecked

Write max: close & anti-coaster technology

Both of your CD-RWs are SecuROM capable, tho use the 24102B. FW Rev. should be 5s07 or better - latest is OK

Are you sure you don’t mean Discguard? I see a CdFreaks article that says it is.

Anyway, the Discguard settings are read Audio and Data sub.

This title is noted as one of the first with the new SecuROM (ATIP reader) prot :slight_smile:

Well yes it is Discguard…it is codemasters own anti-piracy technology or something…and there is even talk of Codemasters teaming up with Macrovision to put the best of this and SafeDisc together.

Anyhow…the backup refused to even try and start with Hide CDR enabled and also still wont work in the DVD Drive.

And my Plextor sucks…it aint SecuROM capable :-[

hi there i personally purchased this game last week and when i ran it through several detection programs it came up as safedisc 2 with overburn so i copied it using the reccomended settings using my phillips drive and have a perfectly good back-up which plays in any drive.Which is definite as ive tried it on my mates comp as well.the only strange thing was the read errors in the log only went up to about 3500 and then stopped,which all seems a bit strange as ive read everywhere that this game was securom but i aint complaining as my phillips wont do subchannels.So have you tried clony or something to check the protection?